NAT PAT Southern Limited can offer you:


After completion of the PAT testing at your business, we will send you a report comprising of:

  •  PAT (Portable Appliance Test) Safety Certificate
  •  Asset list
  •  Detailed information regarding failed items with possible action in order to rectify
  •  Database of electrical tests undertaken.


We will send your report electronically if this is your preferred format.

Minor repairs are undertaken while onsite.As is replacing incorrectly rated fuses.

We will also inform you should we come across any damaged or insecure socket outlets.

If you have a microwave at your premises, then we can also perform a radiation leakage test.

Have you seen our computer based USB panic buttons yet? Take a look at NAT Panic Button NAT Panic Buttons are ideal for public facing computers such as medical practices or a a GP panic button

Minor repairs and fuse rating checks are undertaken while onsite at no extra charge.

Complete Portable
Appliance Testing

Microwave Radiation
Leakage Tests

Supply Replacement Extension
Leads & adapters


Periodic service and testing of electrical
equipment prevents injuries, saves
lives and avoids workplace fires!!!